I just read this blog and laughed until I almost cried… she does such a good job of putting adoption in a humorous light. 🙂

The Shy Comedian

So today when I walked outside to get my lunch I noticed a crowd of people huddled around a truck right outside my office building. I went over to see what it was hoping to maybe get some free samples of something, but when I realized what it was, I almost collapsed on the sidewalk to do the epic yelling at the sky with my arms in the air shouting, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”


I know! The horror right? It makes me want to wallow in a dark room alone and listen to emo music whilst righting poetry. There was puppies and kittens EVERYWHERE and some of them were even playing with people walking by on the street. It makes me want to save up money to build a giant farm and then adopt every single one of them and let them roam free together. Even…

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