This is a shame. How much longer before the paranoia in the US reaches a point where things like this happen?


Many of you have been supporting the efforts to save Lennox, a mixed breed dog in Belfast, seized under the Dangerous Dog Act, two years ago.  Lennox was seized not because he bit someone, nor because anyone complained about his behavior.  He was seized due to body measurements taken by a pair of dog wardens.  They claimed these measurements qualified him as a “Pitbull type” dog and that he would be killed.

Lennox’s owners have been fighting for his life these past 2 years while the dog wasted away in deplorable conditions at the hands of Belfast City Council.  Despite all logic, the courts have continually upheld that Lennox must be killed due to his measurements, even dismissing the opinions of two canine behaviorists who evaluated Lennox and found him to be a safe dog.  Today, the owners lost their final appeal to save their family pet’s life.

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