This is a good topic for discussion. As a rescuer, I rely on an application and interview and meet & greet process to place my fosters. As a human being, I have a yard full of impulse rescues. Is it wrong for me to rescue an animal on impulse and then put potential adopters through the third degree? I tend to think not. I’d be interested in other points of view.


A couple of years ago, the neighbors came by and Billy talked with them outside.  They had brought us a malnourished puppy they had found in the road and asked us if we would take care of her.  When Billy came inside to ask me if we would take the puppy, I acted on impulse and immediately said, “Yes.” I had no idea what kind of puppy, what gender, whether she was sick – I just heard, “They don’t want her to get hurt” and impulsively answered in the affirmative.

I prefer older dogs to puppies, we’re trying to get our number of dogs down, not up, and paying for a puppy’s vetting was not something I had planned on – in fact, it presented a hardship for us.  I didn’t have anything prepared for the puppy’s arrival and had no idea how she might get on with our…

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