Baby the Wonder Dog – Post-Surgery Update 08/07/12

Baby got her stitches out yesterday.  Dr. Cowan is VERY pleased with her progress.  She said that Baby’s knee looks very good, the range of motion is exactly what she expected, and she didn’t feel any slippage when she flexed the joint.

While we were waiting in the waiting room, I had to lay down on top of Baby on the floor – yes, stretched out atop her – to keep her from jumping and charging at people and dogs.  She’s too friendly with people… and too forward with dogs.

Where we are now:

Baby can walk without the towel sling – only Dr. Cowan advised we still keep the towel around her abdomen so that we can quickly lift her off the ground should she try to run.

Baby can spend a very little bit of time outside of the crate.  Not much, but some.  Baby loves that time and is harder than ever to get back in the crate.

Baby still has to wear the Cone of Shame, at least through Friday, preferably a little longer.  This is to keep her from licking at the surgical incision & reopening it – the scabs came off when the stitches came out and it’s a little raw.

Since the restrictions have been slightly eased, Baby has tried to run; chase chickens; back out of the Cone of Shame while on the leash in an attempt to escape; jump; get on the furniture; go in the kitchen.  Those last two are no-nos from before the surgery and apply to all the dogs:  My husband doesn’t want dogs on the furniture or in the kitchen.

I’m getting ready to go shove her back in her crate for the night.  Wish me luck.


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