Baby the Wonder Dog – UPDATE 07/25/12

Thanks to everyone who made donations – whether $5 or $50 – and to two very timely grants from Red Rover and The Mosby Foundation, Baby was FINALLY able to have her first surgery today.  One down, one to go – YEE HA!  Now we need to raise the funds for the other leg – approximately $750 more.  I’ve learned a great deal about grants over the last few weeks, and I plan to go after more, but the bulk of the funds for the next surgery will come from you, our donors – just like most of the money for the first surgery did.  I’ve spoken with Dr. Cowan this evening, and she said the surgery went very well and that if Baby continues to do well she might – MIGHT – let her come home Friday, instead of next Wednesday.  Wouldn’t that be amazing??

Baby’s going to be unhappy for the next few weeks.  We’ll be dismantling her large, deluxe, Great Pyrenees sized crate and replacing it with one that barely has enough room for her to stand – but not comfortably.  Her movements will be very restricted – she will have to stay in the smaller crate and can only come out to eat or potty.  Pottying will be another chore – we’ll have to carry her up & down the front stairs – there will be NO going out back with the other dogs.

I was full of doubts and worries last night & this morning.  Would the surgery go well?  That doubt has been assuaged.  Will she be angry with me?  How long is she going to pout over her activity restriction?  Will she ever forgive me?

That last doubt is plain silly, really, because she’s a dog – of COURSE she’s going to forgive me.  That’s what dogs do.  I’ve begun to wonder why Jesus told us to be like sheep – I think He’d have done better to tell us to be like dogs.  Wag your tail, lick your Master’s face (ok, not that one – sorry God, I love You and all, but I don’t think I want to lick Your face), and above all, forgive every injury, every inequity, every wrong done you.  Yep, we should be more like dogs.

I’ll most assuredly post again when she comes home, and I will keep everyone updated on her progress.  In the meantime, I’m going to go feed the rest of my pack, and put my chickens away for the night, and miss Baby every time I turn around.

At least the cat poo is safe for the night.

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