Dogs on Deployment on Facebook

Dogs on Deployment on Facebook

I’ve got a lot happening & I really need to be going to bed… but first I wanted to share a few things that are on my heart tonight.

First, two wonderful dogs were euthanized today at the Stokes County Animal Shelter because their time was up.  These were great dogs – but ours is a poor rural county and our shelter is small and underfunded and doesn’t have the space to keep even great dogs for long periods of time.  RIP Larry and Tilley – I hope the Rainbow Bridge is everything I imagine it to be.  If people would spay/neuter their pets, the euthanization rates would be vastly reduced.  It bothers me so much that people don’t bother.

Second, I read an article today about a pit bull mix named Kiki whose owner was deployed to Afghanistan.  Owner left Kiki with a relative – the relative for whatever reason surrendered Kiki to a high-kill shelter in rural Texas, and Kiki was on death row when a wonderful organization called Dogs on Deployment learned of her plight.  DoD is stepping in to rescue Kiki and place her in a foster home for the remainder of her owner’s deployment.

People, spread the word:  OUR SERVICE MEMBERS SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEIR PETS WHEN THEY ARE DEPLOYED!!!  If you are in the Armed Forces and serving our country – first, THANK YOU; and second, if your friends and relatives for whatever reason can’t or won’t take your pets, DON’T SURRENDER THEM TO THE SHELTER.  Contact Dogs on Deployment.  This wonderful group networks all over the United States to place military pets in foster homes for long-term and short-term deployments.  They also canvas shelters as much as they’re able to with the resources they have and pull surrendered military pets off of death row.  Wow!

If you’ve wondered what you can do for your country – consider supporting Dogs on Deployment, either as a foster parent, or with a financial contribution.

The price of serving your country is sometimes a life… but it shouldn’t be the life of your best furry friend!

Here are some links to Dogs on Deployment, on the web and on Facebook: